Citizen Skwith at Brighton Fringe 4 May - 2nd June 2013


Look out for his work on the streets of Brighton and also at The Mash Tun, New Road near the Dome and Pavillion.

UCL Archaeology Masters 'Disappointing Ruins'

UCL Archaeology Masters uses Citizen Skwith 'Disappointing Ruins' for cover of prospectus ...

NEW! street sign: Go on, no one's looking. Be naughty.

Citizen Skwith at Spitalfields Photomonth Photofair Sat 6th October 2012

Original signs, limited run prints, postcards, NEW! magnet signs.  Own a Skwith.

Skwith Art sells at Auction

Citizen Skwith sells original Hogflume & 2 pigeon works at Affordable Art auction @ Tooveys Auction house in Brighton.

Citizen Skwith Art Fair at Spitalfields Sat 8th Oct 2011

Citizen Swith at Spitalfields Photomonth Photofair including an OnionExchange where many people exchanged an onion for world peace.  

Well done everyone - we are a few onions closer to achieving it.


Museum of the Future opens

Curator Jacob Von Hogflume, Inventor of Time Travel

Freezchester 2010

Citizen Skwith at Freezchester, an art gallery of hazardous magnets in the Arndale Centre as part of the Hazard MMX Festival:

"Hazard is Manchester’s micro-festival of incidental intervention and sited performance, packed full of chance encounters, random occurrences and risky ventures around and about the city centre" apparently!

First ever onion exchange for world peace

At the Bedlam Festival in Bath, UK people created world peace one onion at a time


Pre Election Aliens spotted wandering the streets of the city in a state of total confusion with no idea who to vote for ...

Fridge Magnet Exhibition features Citizen Skwith 'Onions'

Citizen Skwith part of exhibition of 204 magnets from 94 artists going onto the streets of Bath placed all over Bath so that people can pick them up, and take them home. Like an Art treasure hunt.

Preview on Saturday 22nd May we'll put the whole exhibition on the walls of our house/garden.
Drop in for a cuppa/wine between 11am and 4pm.
58 Fulwell Park Ave, Twickenham, TW2 5HQ


Alien Visitors have been spotted exploring the streets of Amsterdam, drinking strong Dutch lager, smoking joints and generally appreciating the culture.

Citizen Skwith in Bath

28th May to 12th June. Fringe Arts Bath

Book your Super Advance rail ticket and head down to Bath and see Skwith's work on the streets.  It seems the reknowned Jacob Von Hogflume has left his mark and the Pigeon Project has made its nest in some famous venues.

Citizen Skwith exchanges onions for world peace aims to be the largest exhibition of onions with faces aimed at creating world peace.

If you want world peace draw a face on an onion and send it in, if you don't want world peace, don't.

It really is that simple.